Mazda 2 2017 Review, Price

The upcoming Mazda 2 2017 will perhaps be last in the series as per various rumors which are floating around. The predecessor of this model was one of the most compact and small vehicles available in the United States. After debuting in 2011, the car went on to win many accolades from fans and critics due to its top notch functionality and great mileage. Upcoming vehicle will be looking forward to get things a step ahead and compete with the likes of Chevrolet sonic, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Accent, and Kia Rio.Lot of exciting features are expected to be found in this model, among which the KODO design language is something that people all around the world are waiting to see. With great visuals, and performance oriented configuration featuring SkyActive technology, this model is certainly getting up to be a formidable release that every other brand should look out for.

Mazda 2 2017 front

Mazda 2 2017 – Engine and Performance

Primary focus on the performance aspect of Mazda 2 2017 is on the SkyActive technology that promises to boost mileage to a greater level. Both gasoline and diesel versions are expected to be available, depending on regions. As per reports, the gasoline engine will utilize a 1.3 L in-line four engine that will be able to deliver up to 90 hp.

The 1.5 L petrol version, fitted with SkyActive will take the performance up a notch and deliver up to 115 hp. Regardless of the engines and possible combinations of technology; they are going to be either paired with a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic gearbox. The average mileage has been recorded to be 33 mpg on city roads and 42 mpg on Highway. Both front wheel and all wheel drive variants can be expected to turn up.

Mazda 2 2017 side


Mazda 2 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

Mazda 2 2017 looks more stylish and sporty than its predecessor and can be definitely considered to be one of the best looking subcompact vehicles that is awaited to hit the market. The front end of the vehicle has received major modifications with the grille remodeled in a way to add aggressiveness, headlights have been low angled, and hood is now more contoured.

There is an option available in wheels between 15 inch standard variant and 16 inch alloy models. All cosmetic changes aside, this vehicle is also slightly longer than its predecessor which makes way for more seating room for the passengers.

The cheap looking plastic parts that were found in the previous version of Mazda 2 2017 has been done away with, thankfully! Now, this model boasts of a luxurious outlook with quality materials characterized by leather seats, advanced infotainment system, and great amount of technological additions that improve the experience of drivers as well as passengers of this car.

Mazda 2 2017 interior

Mazda 2 2017 – Price and Release Date

Mazda 2 2017 is being reportedly produced in Mexico as the company wants to keep production and distribution costs at a minimum. Release of this model will happen sometime during the middle of 2017, at a price of near about $ 17,500 for the base model.

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