Mazda Kai Concept Review

The Mazda Kai Concept is a compact hatchback that is scheduled to make its global appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show. The inbound concept epitomizes Mazda’s breakthrough technologies as well as head-turning KODO design language. This ideal vehicle is set to bring forth a robust internal combustion powertrain.

Mazda showcased the latest design ethos at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, hinting that the new Kai concept will become bold. The automaker’s European design chief says Mazda’s Kai concept has evolved; hence it demonstrates even fewer visual elements along with cleaner and less cluttered surfacing. All these are aimed at providing a dramatic look to entice the company’s mainstream buyers.

Mazda Kai front

Mazda Kai Platform

The Mazda Kai Concept introduces the next-gen iteration of the brand’s human-oriented development philosophy. It leverages the latest reiteration of SKYACTIV-VEHICLE ARCHITECTURE, which pairs with a groundbreaking SKYACTIV-X gasoline drivetrain. According to Mazda, the new concept aims at accomplishing unprecedented refinement as far as driving performance is concerned.

The actual design is clean and clutter-free, and it characterizes honed beauty that is devoid of extraneous elements. Mazda has strived to create a strong and robust image in the concept design. Thus, its typical styling artistically embodies Japanese aesthetics.

Futuristic Design

The Mazda Kai Concept is a true statement of how the Vision Coupe would look like if it were styled as a C-segment hatchback. It is a little shorter than the incumbent 3, but it is more extensive and sits lower to the ground. Of course, if it is going into production, its stance would change such that it would move upward.

Additionally, Mazda has opted to reprofile this vehicle in line with its smaller wheels. The Kai is going to ride on 20-inch rollers. What sets everything apart, though, is its surface texture that lacks any creases. The company has also worked around the C-pillar of the Kai concept. Mazda has made the rear door panel a bit larger this time, so it sweeps down from the roof and vanishes into the side of the car.

The shape of this car has changed, although it isn’t easy to notice at a first glace since Mazda didn’t utilize a hard crease to achieve the change. That is why earlier in this post, we told you the KODO design language has significantly evolved.

The interior of the Mazda Kai Concept establishes a link between the chauffeur and the vehicle in a natural way. The cabin can gently embrace its occupants without feeling over-restrictive. The interior segment gets refined with sleek chrome accents which pop from the panels and black dash.

The vehicle rests on Mazda’s Skyactiv architecture, which embodies human-focused design philosophy. Everything inside the cabin gets a fair share of the redesign, and even the seats now maintain the human spine’s ordinary S’ curvature. Besides, the NVH tweaks can now encourage a quieter and more comfortable ride.

Mazda Kai interior

Mazda Kai Engine and Transmission

Interestingly, the Mazda Kai Concept has adopted the SKYACTIV-X gasoline drivetrain. This engine is groundbreaking spark injection petrol, which is virtually 30% more efficient compared to petrol cars. The new Skyactiv-X powertrain is remarkable because it utilizes long sought-after combustion techniques to achieve diesel-like fuel economy from a petrol engine.

Mazda Kai rear

Mazda Kai Price and Release Date

Mazda has not divulged any reports concerning the arrival and pricing of this nice-looking hatchback. All we have to say is that this vehicle is likely to become one of the best looking models in its category.

The company has confirmed that the inbound Mazda Kai Concept would offer plenty of refinements in areas of dynamic performance. Expect it to be considerably quieter and more comfortable so that it can achieve enhanced ride performance.

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