Mazda Koeru Concept, Price

Mazda Motor Corporation has unveiled world’s first crossover vehicle idea embedded with SkyActive and i-Active sense technologies by launching Mazda Koeru concept, exhibited in Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015. In Japanese term Koeru is defined as ‘going beyond’. Elegant and aggressive outlook along with sharp lights and typical muscular wheel arches have been focused as the main areas expected to be revised by Mazda. More to be added, Mazda has also concentrated on revamp of its technical facilities. Mazda has confirmed that beyond style facelift, it has also dedicated for optimizing the aerodynamic outlook of the car. It ensures stability of the vehicle while driving at the maximum speed. Let’s point out the special characteristics of this car.

Mazda Koeru

Mazda Koeru – Exterior and Interior Design

Mazda has promised for an outlandish exterior surface. The organisation has still revealed only a few external features so far.

  • The first thing that fancies one’s eye while looking at a Mazda Koeru concept car is the KODO styled front end.
  • Shield shaped grille and muscular front guards are completely different in comparison with the other cars.
  • Sleek headlamps are also significant factor that may surely attract one’s fancy.
  • In rear fascia with the usual tail lights are supposed to be replaced by the smaller units whereas the bumper is expected to have larger exhaust outlet.
  • The sloping roof and tailgate provide a coupe-like appearance. The wheels are going to be much bigger than the usual ones and essentially feature some special design.
  • This car is anticipated to be 4600 mm length and 1900 mm width.

Mazda Koeru concept is expected to have a futuristic interior design. However, no official confirmation has yet been revealed so far. Dashboard and centre stack are also going to have a fine revision. The manufacturers are expected to offer a comfortable interior for the passengers with leather cushioned seats. It is not sure that whether this car will have music system or not.

Mazda Koeru interior

Mazda Koeru – Engine Speculations

No specifications of powertrain have been revealed by Mazda yet. However, it is expected that this car will have a significant engine configuration.

  • Mazda is likely to install a 2.5-litre 4 cylinders turbocharged petrol engine. However, installing a better quality of engine for this car may also possible.
  • Application of latest SkyActiv technology may boost engine power.
  • Although it is said that Mazda will take care of carbon emission, however there is a doubt that how far it will be possible.
  • 6-speed automatic transmission facility is intended to be applied for these cars.
  • Application of Mazda Koeru concept for the engines of these cars is going to be the best idea ever implied.

Mazda Koeru rear

Mazda Koeru – Release Date and Price

No official confirmation is still available that when Mazda Koeru concept designed car is going to hit the market. But to believe the news, Mazda may launch this car by late 2016. As this car is going to establish several new features, it is undoubted to cost a bit higher than the common Mazda cars. Meanwhile, you have nothing but to wait for the grand launch of this automobile marvel.

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